Author Nikki Grimes


This books is a wonderful collection of poems by children from the Bronx. The story is broken down into the background of the person and their poems. This book takes place in the classroom of Mr. Wards’ English class. As a class assignment Mr. Wards’ asks them to do a poem and read it infront of the class. This is a bigger success than Mr.Wards realize. Now on every Friday They have Open Mic. The story’s main character is Tyrone Bittings who wants to be a famous rapper. Chankara tells the horrid story of her sister, and Lupe just wants a baby, a person who will love her.


I think the book did a wonderful job of giving a background of each person and having a poem that correlates really brought meaning to the book. I think Nikki did a fantastic job of giving each person a story. That I think would be a difficult task to complete. This book won the Corretta Scott King Winner Award, and this book deserves it. This book is intended for high school, but I am thinking there is a way to bring this to middle school level.